We’re updating our speaker list daily so just to whet your appetite, in 2018 you can hear…

Becky Allen – Institute of Education: Director of Centre for Education Improvement Science.

Jaz Ampaw-Farr – Speaker, motivator, good egg

Shonette Bason-Wood – Spreader of happiness

David Cameron – the real one 😉

Julian Critchley – Former teacher. Blogger (Disappointed Idealist)

Andrew John Davis – Emetrius Fellow, Durham University

Benjamin Doxtdator – Teacher, Brussels.

Jan Dubiel – EYFS specialist Early Excellence

Amy Forrester – Teacher, NATE.

Richard Gerver – Author and presenter

Ty Goddard – The Education Foundation

Emma Hardy MP – MP for Northern Rocks 😉

Alma Harris and Michelle Jones – University of Bath and authors.

Madeleine Holt – Journalist and parent founder of More Than A Score

Mehwash Kauser – Teacher, Bradford.

Mark Lehain – Parents and teachers for excellence

Rachel Lofthouse – Professor of Education and leader of @CollectivEd

Matthew Milburn and pupils from Saddleworth School – Headteacher (secondary) and pupils

Lynn McCann – teacher and consultant on autism in schools

Ross Morrison McGill – Teacher Toolkit

Pran Patel – AHT

Kenny Pieper – Teacher and author of “How to Teach Reading for Pleasure”

Vikki Pendry – Curriculum Foundation

Emily Reid and Andy Moor – Ignite TSA St. Bernard’s Primary School.

Hywel Roberts/Debra Kidd – Travelling Teachers

Tom Sherrington – former HT and education consultant

Iesha Small – Teacher, writer, speaker, consultant for LKMCo.

Daryn Simon – Teacher Trainer and founder of #DebateEd and #BrewEd

Simon Smith – Headteacher (primary)

Bec Tulloch and Yr 7 pupils – Teacher, Salford and senior leader and gatherer of lost children.

Mick Waters – Deityt

WomenEd – Sameena Choudry Keziah Featherstone Jules Daulby Vivienne Porritt  leading the way for women’s voices in education.

And a special appearance from Rhythmical Mike – Performance Poet, the young people from the Reclaim Project, Manchester and a musical performance from Rachel Orr.